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Hong Kong 1999  

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I went Hong Kong twice, the first time is with a travel group, the next time is in 1998, I got two weeks training in Hong Kong in my previous company, with the other people from APAC.


From Guilin to Hong Kong, I’m afraid we might not have any trains or buses, though it’s not that far. When you are waiting for your luggage at the airport, you can pick up a lot of maps, flyers, info guide for Hong Kong. (Sorry, we don't have the one in mainland China.)


The employees in the airport will ask you where to go, then they will stick different colour stickers on visitors' clothes. When you step out the hall, shuttle buses lines up before, you can go straight to the one which is the same color with you. Hong Kong is divided into four main areas - Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands.


Hong Kong is small and crowded, which makes public transport the only practical way to get around. Public transport is cheap, fast, widely used and generally efficient. Besides that, Hong Kong is well-served by Subway. I remember that there's a card named Octopus card, you can pay XXX HK$ for X full days, no matter how far you go. It is not only suitable for Metro, but for buses, light rail transit, trains, taxies. (Please check with the local agency again.)


Ocean Park


I’m not sure whether this one is the biggest one in Asia or the one in Singapore, but to me, both are quite OK. It’s the place full of excitement, screaming, making you playing with heart afire. Only one thing, there’s the game named “Corsaire” (not sure about the translation.), it’s the terrible thing for me. The boat swings up and down, up and down, from slow to fast, from low to high, then my heart feels so so upset, likes hearts is swimming inside.  (another female consultant has the same feeling with me). I’m the one who can’t play swing when I was a child. If M XX is the same, maybe it’s better for her to quit.


There’re the shows of sea lions, dolphins, I failed to catch the scene of sea lions jumps to hit the red balloon hangs high in the sky by camera, hope you can do. On the beach, you can also buy some food to feed them.


Victoria Peak

This is the MUST for the top of Victoria Peak, 552m (1810ft) above sea level.

Taking the tram to the peak will lead you to fantastic view. I like the feeling when I was on the tram, it moves upwards slowly, with the light winds touching your face, the leaves “shasha” sounds. From the vantage point of Victoria Peak, overlooking the world's busiest deepwater port, you can see a city geared not only to making money but feeling good about it.

The views are extraordinarily beautiful in every direction, with the vista of the business district, Victoria Harbor and Kowloon. When the mass of lights around the harbor will take your breath away and make you wish you had a better camera. It reminds me of my hometown, Shanghai, we have almost the same night view of WangPu river with wonderful laser lights.

At top, there is a very big shopping mall, you can buy some souvenir with Hong Kong “mark”, and some game machines, I still keep the “fortune teller” cards I got from some specific machines. BTW, it’s said, If you have time, it's worth making the trip to the Victoria Peak both in daylight.





The harbor is busy day and night with a constant flow of boat traffic.


Kowloon is also home to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Space Museum, the famous Peninsula Hotel and the Museum of History. The Promenade, in East Tsim Sha Tsui, is a great place for a stroll, and has wonderful views of Victoria Harbour, particularly at night.

You can also take the picture under the clock tower, which  is all that remains from the old Rail Road station at the tip of Kowloon.


The harbor views are stunning if weather cooperates,

The harbor at night has a unique awe inspiring beauty that can't be matched.



Wong Tai Sin Temple

At the Wong Tai Sin MTR stop, you'll find the Wong Tai Sin Temple

You can see the monks, the persons who are seeking their fortune very sincerely. It's also very well known for curing illnesses.  


Admission is free but donation boxes are located at the entrance and around the temple even if you are not a Budgist, it might be better for you to donate some, no need big amount, coin is OK.






Hong Kong's ferries are usually and cheaper than buses and trams. You can go to ZhongHuan, “Central Town”? by ferry. The place which is full of skyscrapers, extremely high departments and luxious hotels. You don’t need to buy anything, but need to walk around to have a look.


Tsim Sha Tsui and Victoriean Bay might be the appropriate place for you to go, like Sogo, medium level departments.


But there's another thing I don't know before. Our sales just back from Hong Kong, he bought a Cartier watch for his wife. He told me that you can bargain even at the boutique, like Cartier, Ferragormore, Hermes, Gucci, XXX…but if you can't speak Cantonese, then it's hard for you to get high discount. With his Hong Kong friend's help, they got it 18,000 HK$ finally. (it's marked 26,000 HK$ for promotion, the original one is 30,000 HK$)





After visiting all of the above cities, I guess you might like the food in Hong Kong the most. Because it is comparatively light. (To most of the foreigners, the food in China  might be with too many oil (though it's made of beans) and too heavy. “Dim sum” (Cantonese pronunciation (DianXin”, Mandarin ) is quite famous, most of the family will go to eat at restaurant, you can choose the one freely, in some of the restaurants, the waitress will pulled the trolley, full of the different ones for you to choose. Though most of the foreigners don’t like congee(the rice with soup), with some meat, preserved eggs, or fish, or anything else. We Chinese like it so much. In mainland China, Guangzhou is the city which is very famous for having delicious congee.


(In Beijing, please try “JianBinGuoZi” in morning. A kind of pie with eggs, sweet or spicy sources and “YuTiao”, (Chinese fried bread, with long and curved shape). If it’s possible, please get up earlier, otherwise, though the pie outside is hot, (they will cook before you), but if YuTiao is cold, to me, it’s not delicious. You can also try “DouFuHua”, some kind of soup made of bean curd, or try soybean milk.)


Lighting up Aberdeen Harbor, Jumbo is a spectacular sight at night. It is the floating restaurants, decorating magnificently. You can take the photo before the restaurant at night. (In Shanghai, we have a twin floating restaurant, it is pulled from Macau, it's said the one is used for gambling before. on the deck of the boat, you can see the nice view of Shanghai.)


Finally, a strong recommendation to “XuLiuShan”, a number one dessert shop, a lot of delicious dessert, ice cream, soft drink, fruits. My Singapore colleagues that time, likes “DaTai” (Portugal custard eggtard, name might not correct) so so much that time. Every night, he would buy a lot. To me, I like Mango ice cream so much.




Hong Kong's dynamism is unforgettable. Once you are in Hong Kong, then you may find out the paces are totally different with Guilin, The tempo is so fast, especially in the subway.

If you need some respite, check out the Outlying Islands for a change of tempo and scene. There’re a lot of islands, but I never been before.



When you leave Hong Kong, you can check in at downtown, then you can get on the train to the airport with light.


Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. It reminds me a lot of my hometown, Shanghai; It is also the city leaving me a lot of nice memories.


(You might like it as well, I heard from my friend, she said, she likes Amsterdam so much for it’s so energetic, it looks like UN, you can see the people from worldwide, not like Europe elsewhere.)



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